Last Minute Holiday Errands

I have been running last minute errands the last two days. I'm exhausted! I guess I was a bit too lazy on my three days off last weekend since I'm now in a rush to get it all finished up.

I hit up the mall on Tuesday evening to include stopped into the Apple Store. I have been wanting to upgrade my iPad and have been kicking around which one I want. Instead of making an impulse purchase, I lounged on one of the couches in the center of the mall and posted on FB about my debate on buying myself a Christmas present.

Nobody disagreed! Thank goodness. Kenyon and I went back last night and still left empty handed. I decided to use my Barclay card for 18 months no interest financing and in order to get the deal I have to wait 24 hours for the activation deal on my credit card. Waaaaaahhhhh. Waiting is so hard when a shiny new toy is standing in front of me. And as it turns out, I'm going to get the new iPad Pro instead of the iPad Air 2 as it will be much easier to blog on the go when we are on vacation or I am out of town. It costs a few hundred more than the iPad Air 2 but I think it will be a good investment. I'll have the benefit of both a tablet and a computer all in one. Ahhhhhhh....if I only I could have walked out of the store with my fun new stuff (actually I'm not sure they have the 254 GB in stock so I think we are going to have to wait a few more days. We will see after the 24-hour waiting period is up (at 7pm later today).

I am currently blogging after midnight and am watching Gilmore Girls and drinking a beer. I have done great with my tracking the last three days and I even tracked everything I ate when we went to Tucanos for an early lunch (20 SPV). I made some mini meatloafs and green beans a bit ago (5 SPV) and I still have 13 points left. So I am doing some quality control on the Blue Moon variety pack.

I won't be able to drink alcohol on Christmas Day due to there not being enough time between our festivities and my shift at work (insert sad face). So, I am trying out some of the beer ahead of time. What better way to use my daily points than a beer (5 SPV). Sadly, this one isn't as good as the Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout. But, I mostly bought the variety pack to try the Cinnamon Horchata. I'm not sure I'll have a second beer tonight. I don't think I can stay up all night if I do!

In addition to mini meatloaf, which I have one serving of leftovers, I'm also baking a spaghetti squash dish and am going to make a pot roast for Saturday. I love having healthy meals and leftovers to last me through my work week and to keep me on track on my days off at home. I was hit with some boredom on Tuesday night but I was able to power through!

I've got more to update you on but I'll end this here.

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