National Margarita Day, Mexican Food & Movie Night

Kenyon and I celebrated National Margarita Day with my parents and brother last night. We both had a craving for Mexican food so I extended the invite to my parents. It was great to see them and I love JalapeƱos in Nampa.

It's interesting that I had a WW email when I woke up talking about feeding your Mexican, Italian, or Greek food cravings. That was pretty appropriate since we had plans for Mexican food. The tips/tricks were pretty much what I already do and the main craving was for tortilla chips. My go-to is the ala carte chicken tostada. I told them to hold the cheese on my tostada (to off set the points for my margarita) and added whole beans instead of refried. Then I ate it salad style ditching the tostada portion instead so I could scoop it up with chips.  It was delicious! I was pretty content after eating but once I sat and visited finishing my margarita, I was feeling a bit over-full. Kenyon and I went to see Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them so I was a bit sleepy from my margarita.

I think my Mexican dinner might have thrown me into a sugar craving, although lately I've been satisfying my sugar cravings with fruit lately, so we ventured to Cheesecake Factory after our movie. Once we got there though I was torn because now regular food sounded good too. I ordered the chicken lettuce wrap tacos (served with three tacos and I took one home) and enjoyed half of the yummy brown bread.  It totally hit the spot that I passed on dessert. I had mentioned trying the Halo Top ice cream so after Cheesecake Factory, I was on the hunt for some but we were 0 for 2 in trying to find some. We got a Ben & Jerry's red velvet cake ice cream pint to share.  I had about 5 spoons worth and then realized while it was yummy, it was just okay and not great so I let Kenyon finish it.

We went to bed super early (1am...is early when you work the night shift) so I didn't have anything else to eat.  Despite having a 17 point margarita (that is what the WW email said for the points value of a margarita), it wasn't a crazy high point day since we went to bed early. I feel really good today and I'm about to head to my personal training session at the gym.

Instead of a double feature movie night last night, I think we will go see Moana at the cheap seats and I just found out my sister is going on a family date night as well to see Moana with the girls. I'm going to to propose that Kenyon and I eat at home with the backed spaghetti squash dish we planned last week but didn't get around to cooking and then have movie popcorn if we desire. I'll wait and see what transpires later today. I am saving some weekly points for Sunday for my annual Academy Awards party. I am ordering out small party/catering Mexican food from a local restaurant in Kuna.  That is what got the Mexican craving swirling in my brain early in the week.

I'm putting together a blog post about this awesome feeling of getting smaller again.  My clothes fit so much better and I just feel better. So many positives!

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