New Lipsense Colors

When I had my Lipsense party in January, I barely squeaked by in earning my hostess rewards.  You have to sell $300 worth of product to get one free color and also 30% off your order.  Then, if two people book a party, you get a free gloss.  I have very generous friends so I met my goal of $300 and thus earned my free color.  One person booked a party but I needed another so I didn’t earn a free gloss.  I also earned the 30% off my order so I made use of the discount (you never really get Lipsense discounted) and bought some other colors and a few extra glosses to have on hand.  My Jamberry consultant isn’t wearing the product anymore so she gave me one of her Lipsense colors as well as a silver gloss.  I made my first Lipsence purchase on November 30th and it has spiraled from there.


Right now Jamberry and Lipsense are my two favorite things!

The color given to me was Praline Rose.  I wore it with some silver gloss one day and then layered it with Fire & Ice the next day.

The colors I got/ordered after my party were B Ruby, Napa, and Pink Champagne.  I wanted a neutral color I could layer with my darker colors and thus settled on Pink Champagne although it looks a lot like Praline Rose so now I’m not sure if I should keep it or trade it in.  It turns out I had a coworker that was eyeing the Praline Rose and so I paid it forward and gave it to her.

Here is B Ruby.  I really like it and it is the slight red I was looking for when I ordered Fire & Ice.  I’m glad I went for a red lip color.

Here is Napa.  It is a shade or two lighter than Sheer Berry (my favorite) and I really like this color as well.  I also added some Silver Gloss.

Here is Pink Champagne.  I chose this color so I had a neutral option for layering colors and toning down colors that were too bold or dark (like Sheer Berry).  I don't like it just as because if I'm going to wear lipstick, I want it to be noticeable.  But, I am happy I have it for layering.  I put on Silver Gloss too. 

I just got talked into ordering to help out a gal who had a party and will soon have Violette coming.  It has a slight purple tone to it and should go nicely with my current lipstick palate.


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