Weekly WI: Hello 230s

I'M IN THE 230s!!!!

When I got on the WW scale she congratulated me on a 2.2 pound loss.  I was thinking my last WI was 242 so I was pretty sure I'd made it into the 230s (FINALLY).  Well my last WI was 241.2 so I was definitely in the 230s. 

I didn’t earn my 15 pound star (just yet) but it will come.  Starting next Tuesday I will be able to return to my Tuesday morning WW group and my favorite leader Donna so I'm hopeful my 15 pound star will be celebrated with the peeps that have been through both the ups and down of my journey.  Heck...maybe I can get a 20 pound star since I get to be with them for the next four weeks.  Yeeeehaaaaw!  Here we go!

I looked back at my weight record and the last time I was in the 230s was February of 2016.  I won’t say I've been working all year to get back there, but it has been since July that I was really working at it and then in December when I gave myself a nice pep talk and a boot of motivation.

I also had a pretty intense training session today where I moved a treadmill belt all by myself without turning on the machine.  Yep, by getting it started with my feet and holding onto the sides, I moved the belt and did a slow walk for three minutes at a time for two rounds.  That made me feel pretty good and pretty bad ass.  I also had the return of the dreaded burpies...dun...dun..dun… My knee was feeling okay so I had to do some burpies.  I’m pretty sure the burpie move is what screwed up my knee to begin with so I had to really focus on keeping my right knee straight and not turning out my leg/feet so I could protect my knee.  I feel good so we will see how tomorrow goes.

I did really great staying on top of boredom/uncontrolled eating so I’m going to focus on that again for this week’s days off.


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