On The Fence About My Personal Training Sessions

I’ve been on the fence about keeping up with my personal training sessions.
I think part of why I am wishy-washy is partly because of cost (not that I can’t afford it but $240 a month is a big chuck of change) and that Tyson keeps pushing me to come in three days a week vs. two days.  I joked with him via text message that he was trying to bleed my dry.  He responded telling me that he is trying to help me reach my goals.  There is no doubt that Tyson is much more driven than I am. 


So maybe that is what makes me nervous about keeping up with the training sessions.  I really don’t have any major goals other than to lose weight and become healthier.  I don’t strive to be stronger or have huge muscles or what not.  I just want to work out and go about my day not really stressing over it.  I do know that Tyson is good at pushing me and so for that reason, I need to keep at it.  But there is also that part of me that wants to just do it on my own again so I don’t have to worry about letting anybody down.

I had a good session on Monday and Tyson was mindful that it was my first time back after a week off and that he needed to go easy on me for fear of making me really want to quit coming.  I was thankful of that and yet also felt like I still got in a good workout.  We met again on Wednesday but worked more on PT with my bum knee.  My right knee has been out of whack for several weeks and I know that is also stressing me out.  Maybe it was just being away from it for a week that has made me timid about going again?  Or maybe it is because I know that training at the gym is hard and that I have to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Either way, I am just not sure about how I feel in general.  I have a couple more sessions to use up of the 12 session package I bought in December.  Even if I decide not to continue with training (which I don’t think I actually will) then I’d still be seeing Tyson at the gym if I made use of my membership.  That would be awkward for sure.  I’m not really sure what the right answer is.



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