Weekly WI & Combating Boredom Eating

Good Afternoon.  I’m working today in exchange for Friday off so I don’t quite get to enjoy my weekend.  I’ve also got a four-hour overtime shift on Wednesday and then I get to start my weekend.  I’m ready!

My home scale showed a loss of 1.5 pounds yesterday.  Yahooo!  Since I couldn’t make it to my meeting this week, I’m looking forward to two weeks of combined losses (because I’m going to ROCK this week) and getting out of the 240s once and for all!  I am also really close to earning my 15 pound star so I am going to make this week a really great week.  I like that successful feeling after knowing I worked hard at it.

My biggest challenge right now is boredom eating on my days off.  I think the best way I can describe it is feeling like I am just not taking control of my food on my days off.  When you stay up all night and watch TV on the couch, it is easy to get into that “snacky” mood. 

For example, I successfully re-directed my thoughts last night when I was leaving work.  It was 2am and all of a sudden a breakfast burrito from Los Betos sounded really yummy.  These are really big burritos that are super pointy.  Even if I only eat half, it was still going to cost me quite a few points.  I had plenty of points left in my day so that wasn’t the issue.  But, I knew I didn’t need a high calorie breakfast burrito when I could go home and cook some frozen potatoes and an egg.  I really like it too so it wasn’t like I was like I was missing out.  I even had bacon so it was a really yummy meal.

Re-directing my thoughts is what will keep me on track this week.  When I feel that urge to snack like I also did last night.  After I had my yummy early morning meal, I remembered there was leftover cream cheese and pineapple habanero jelly in the fridge and Ritz crackers in the pantry.  It is 3 SPV for five Ritz crackers.  I’m not sure if I had started I would have stopped at just five crackers.  So, it was best to re-direct the thoughts and remind myself I didn’t need to snack.  After all, I’d just eaten so it wasn’t hunger.

I have no doubt Kenyon and I will eat out once or twice this week on our days off.  My goal this week is to keep the unnecessary boredom eating from happening so I can stay accountability to my goals!

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