Paint & Sip

On Thursday evening I went to my first ever Paint & Sip class.  If you aren’t familiar with this concept, you sign up to paint a picture (you chose ahead of time what you want to paint based on the class offering day/time and a sample of what your painting will look like).  Then, when the day of the class arrives, you meet up with anybody else that signed up for the class and paint your photo.  You also drink alcohol (if you so desire).  Painting & Sipping wine…brilliant concept!

My friends Kelsey and Danielle have both been before but not me.  Kelsey suggested a Paint & Sip so the two of them, along with Phoenix, Kenyon, and I also signed up.  Phoenix ended up coming down with a pretty bad cold so she stayed home.  Kelsey was also sick but she powered through.  We hope to attend another Paint & Sip even soon.


Danielle picked me up since I was meeting Kenyon there and riding home with him.  That way I had my DD lined up.  In hindsight, this was a bad idea because it meant I drank more than I should have.  Danielle and I went to a bar called The Local before Paint & Sip and started our party early with some chicken nachos (so yummy), a glass of wine for Danielle, and a wine flight for me.  I love anything that comes in tiny glasses.


Once you get to Paint & Sip you have to purchase alcohol through them or pay a $15 corking fee to bring your own wine.  By the time you order two glasses at $7-$9 each, you might as well have gotten a whole bottle for $17.  Danielle and I went in on a bottle together (Kenyon and Kelsey don’t drink) thinking we would take the leftovers with us.  Yeah right, that didn’t happen.


Also in hindsight, drinking BEFORE you paint might not also be the best idea.  But, I still managed to put together a pretty good piece of art.


And above all, we had tons of fun.  I can’t wait to do it again.

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