Ready For The Weekend

It is alllllmost my Friday.  I am ready for my days off!  However, today at work we got the approval to wear jeans due to the President’s Day holiday, I had an excellent workout with my trainer, and I was having a good hair day.  So, really today has been a good day.

My training session with Tyson was a high intensity one.  My knee is feeling better so he is pushing me more.  And, I am taking it!  I don’t complain and I try really hard to keep my stamina up even when I tire.  He is also very encouraging.  I did my WI on my home scale and while I had a slight gain yesterday (less than a pound), today I had a slight loss (less than a pound).  Tyson was a bit irritated by another of his clients that gained weight and some of that spilled over into our conversation about my lack of loss.  I explained to him that he need not be worried if I am not worried.  I might not have a loss each week.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t do my best.  He joked that I might need to start coming again three days a week since that is when I was losing.

I’ve been craving eating out big time the last few days…both pizza and Mexican.  Kenyon and I are planning to go out to Mexican on Wednesday evening.  I’m still on the fence on using some of my weekly points on pizza.  Since I didn’t have much of a loss this last week, I know I need to stay on the straight and narrow to ensure I’ll have a loss next week.  I also don’t want to white knuckle my cravings too much so that when I do indulge I go overboard.

I’ve started training our new employee Patty at work.  She is in Phase 3 and I am still trying to figure out exactly what we should be doing.  We get along really well and she is doing great.  So, I’m super happy my first training experience is going smoothly.  I’ll be with her for the next three and a half weeks.

I’m looking forward to my Tuesday AM WW meeting tomorrow, despite meaning I’ll get less sleep before working OT later in the day.  But, it will be worth it to see Donna and my other WW peeps.  I’ll report back on my official WI later this week.

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