Wednesday This 'n That

Good Morning. 

It is currently just after 5am and I'm wide awake.  I was exhausted after not sleeping well on Wednesday morning when I got home from work so we took a nap from about 8pm to 10pm.  Oh the joys of graveyard shift and days off.

Part of my reason for not being able to sleep is that we have rodents/varmints in our side yard and I've been a bit worried about any damage they have been doing under there.  My neighbor spotted them coming in/out of a hole in our side yard that we assumed was our foundation sinking similar to another neighbor's house.  Nope.  I spotted something sticking it's head out of the hole yesterday afternoon when I got the mail.  I said a few choice words and then told that little bastard that he is going to die!  The pest control guy comes on Friday.  Kenyon turned on the patio light late last night and spotted a bunny sitting outside by the fence.  I'd like to hope that was our rodent issue but it isn't going to be that simple.  We will know more on Friday.

We had an afternoon meeting with our travel agent to finalize our Europe travel in fall of 2018.  We put down our deposit on our Rhine River Cruise through Viking River Cruise and are super excited.  We now have to decide on what we will do before/after our cruise since we are getting some killer airfare to Europe.  I'll fill you all in soon.  I wasn't sure if I would like the travel agent but she has been wonderful.

 We were a block from 10 Barrel Brewing and since we had a $25 gift card to use that Kenyon's boss gave him for Christmas, we planned dinner there.  We shared a combo pizza with alfredo sauce instead of red sauce.  It was delicious.  We also shared a Caesar salad.  

I didn't partake in any beer since I've got plans to drink later today at a Paint and Sip event with my girlfriends.  Kenyon is going to tag along too.  I'm looking forward to showing you all my master piece.

We swung by the mall on our way home to use a coupon at JC Penney and also look at curtain rods.  We got some new drapes for our master bedroom.  I can't wait to show you once we get them up.  I am hoping we will do that later this evening since we are up all night.

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