Weekly WI: 15 Pound Star & Twice The Leader

I got home from work and went to bed at 3am this morning.  When the alarm went off at 8:30am to wake up for my WW meeting, I was sort of regretting the decision to get up so early.  But, I am really glad I did.  Not only did I get to see my favorite leader Donna and my favorite Tuesday morning WW peeps, but I got a double dose of WW leaders when my Monday night leader Gretchen was subbing for the receptionist.  I told them they didn’t have to fight over me that we could all share.

It was a really great energizing meeting with the topic of “What Is Your Why.”  I love talking about what keeps people motived to lose weight and get healthy.  There was some wonderful shares.  One woman shared though that she struggles with not fitting into her current wardrobe and actually covered her mirror with a piece of paper to avoid having to look at it.  Oh my, that broke my heart.  I hope all of our positive shares will help her feel better about her body. 

When I got on the scale at home this morning I saw that I was showing a nice loss.  I sent a text to my trainer to inform him that the scale did lie to us yesterday like I told him it did.  Maybe he will believe me now!  My official WI at my meeting was a loss of 3.4 pounds.  This brings my total to loss since July 2016 to 17.4 pounds.  Since December when I started back at my WW meetings on a weekly basis, my total loss is 11.8 pounds.  I’m on my way to finally kick this excess weight to the curb once again!

I'm almost to the weight I was a year ago.

I earned my 15 pound star this week.  Yippie!


And lastly, I fed my pizza craving at Flying Pie’s lunch buffet.  I made two trips through the salad bar and had three slices of pizza as I just didn’t feel satisfied after my second slice.  I savored it and fulfilled the craving.  Then, I walked the mall and realized pizza might not have been the best decision because I felt tired and “heavy.”  Good news is that I’m not craving pizza anymore!

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