The Unwich

I really like Jimmy John’s wheat bread that is available with all their sandwich selections.  It is thick slices and filled with lots of seeds…my favorite.  When I order my sandwich (The #1 Pepe) I leave off the mayo and tomato and add cucumber and sometimes Dijon mustard.  I then ask for a mayo pack so I can add my own mayo when I am ready to eat and also saves points because I control how much mayo goes on my sandwich.  Lastly, when I am ready to eat I take two halves and put them together for one giant and eat half the amount of bread.  Together all of that is 12 points.

I decided to try the Jimmy John’s Unwich, which your favorite sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of is served on bread. 


I ordered my #1 Pepe with no tomato and mayo and added just the cucumbers.  I made sure to get my mayo packet on the side.  I’ve noticed since I don’t have mayo or real butter that often that when I do, it feels like a real indulgence.  Looking up the nutritional information, my Unwich is 5 points and then my mayo packet is 3 points.  But, I only used about half my mayo packet this time around so I counted the total Unwich as 7 points.  I ate my Unwich with carrots, celery, and dip and also had some grapes.


I have to say, I did miss the bread.  I generally like lettuce wrap burgers and chicken sandwiches but in those cases, the meat is very flavorful.  Lunch meat doesn’t pack much flavor.  The parts where I could taste the mayo was quite delicious.  I also didn’t feel like my Unwich held me over as long as a sandwich with the bread would have.  Since this was low in points, I would order an Unwich again.  It was still a really tasty sandwich and I saved points in the process.

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