What 17 Pounds Feels Like

Not only can I notice my 17 pound loss but it must be showing for others because I am starting to get compliments again.  Twice now when I am at work and wearing something other than my usual sweater and fleece vest, I’ve gotten a “you look good” compliment.  It is really nice getting compliments again.  And also a reminder not to hide under my vests as much I do although I tend to wear one daily because it makes wearing my badge around my neck more comfortably. 

So what does kind of difference does a 17 pound loss make?

My clothes fit better:  I have started to feel differently in my clothes and I’m seeing my size XL tops and size 20 jeans are looking better.  I’m not to where I feel I need to step down a size but I am happy with my results. 

I can cross my legs again: When I went down the scale one of the many positives was that I could cross my legs again.  I love it despite how bad it is for you.  So, when I started to go back up the scale I noticed I couldn’t cross them as comfortably.  Crossing my legs makes me happy.

My training session at the gym feel less like death:  I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m improving with each visit and each pound less of me.  What was hard when I first started feels less of a struggle now.

I’m happier over all: I like to think that when I got to my goal weight the outside finally matched the inside.  I had many comments that I was different but I felt I’ve always been just me.  I know now from going back up the scale and all the negative feelings that go with it, you really do feel happier when you are losing weight.  So, needless to say, I’ve been told a lot recently that I look happier.  And I also feel happier.

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