Checking In

Good Afternoon.

I've meet AWOL the last few days getting some errands done since I was out of town all week.  I had to work overtime on Wednesday night and just before I left work on Tuesday morning, I noticed that there was an extra person schedule.  So I wrangled my day off back.  And I will tell you...it was MUCH needed!

The hard part though about being off work is that my eating isn't as planned and on track.  I heard about this fancy way of diving up your extra points on their WW Connect page a few weeks ago.  Mostly it was suggested to help if you fall into a plateau and your weight just isn't moving.  Often we get into a food and exercise rut so it is good to shake it up.  Anyway, the plan is to eat your daily points only on days 1 and 2 of your week and then eat your weekly points over days 3, 4, and 5.  Then you go back to eating your daily points allowance for days 6, and 7.  Basically, the two days before your WI and the two days after you WI should be on track and within your points allowance (I get 37 daily points allowance).  Then eat your 42 weekly points over three days in the middle of your week so you have time to ease back down before WI.  It makes sense to me and seems to be working for others.

Now, I'm not dealing with a plateau but I knew I'd be having higher point days on both Thursday and Friday this week.  Well, that also turned into Wednesday (again...very little organization means often less planning of food) was a high point day so I figure I'll try the suggested plan out this week.  I ate my daily point only on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I am using my weekly points (I have 13 weekly points left), and I'll go back to my daily points on Saturday and Sunday.  I'll report back on Monday.

We met with a travel agent to discuss our Europe travel in September of 2018.  It is always exciting to talk about travel and it makes me want it to be here now!  But, eventually we will get there.

I'm having a Jamberry Ladies Nite tonight so I am super excited to see some fun girlfriends.  We are having pizza, veggies, and that delicious cream cheese and pineapple Habanero jelly.  Yum!  My Jamberry consultant is also bring her new fondue pot for dessert.  Hallelujah for extra points!

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