Weekly WI: First Gain Since I Re-Committed

I ended up with a one pound gain at my WW meeting this last Monday.  I knew the scale was up from my home WI last Sunday before I left town, however, it appeared as if I mostly just gained what I had lost that week.  As I was driving to the meeting I was hoping for a teeny tiny loss.  However, I am not worry about my one pound gain as I am already looking at it as temporary!  I’m keeping my sights on getting out of the 240s.  I looked at my weight progress chart and I am still down over the last six months.  That makes me really happy.


We had a huge meeting with a lot of new members.  Since we only have the leader and receptionist for checking people in, the line was long and backed up for quite a while.  Our meeting also started late.  I hate to say it but it would be nice to have new members in one line and those of us just doing our weekly WI in another line.  But, we do love new members and it appears for a while our meeting will be popular.  I’ll have to remember to get there early from here on out.

I’ve got my tracker front and center this week and on Monday I declined any treats from Dairy Queen as well as sampling a cookie that a fellow dispatcher brought in for us.  They looked delicious and smelled good too (hey, smells are zero points!).  I even had some daily points I could have used on a taste but one taste never suffices and before I know it, I’d have eaten the whole cookie.  Instead, I chose to start my week of on the right foot as I reign my sweet tooth back in.

On Thursday Kenyon and I are going to have a date night at Tucanos and on Friday I am hosing a Jamberry Ladies Night where we will have pizza and wine.  So, I am saving my weekly points for those two days.

Oh yes, this was funny.  I tracked for one day on eTools last week and noticed I had a message alert.  Then I found this.


Ha!  I guess eTools was happy I tracked my strawberries and pineapple.

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