Work Travel Is Stressful

I am in Couer d' Alene all this week for training.  Travel yesterday felt stressful.  I think the hardest part is that I am traveling alone so I needed a pick up from the airport, a drop off to collect a state vehicle, and then got checked in at a hotel where I don't actually have the P-card in hand for charging the room fee.  By the end of it, I needed french fries.

But, let's rewind.

I worked graveyard on Saturday night and got off work at 6am Sunday morning.  My flight out wasn't scheduled until 6:30pm so I grabbed a few hours sleep and got myself packed.  Kenyon and I had dinner at Cracker Barrel before parting ways at the airport.  It was a small flight so before I knew it, I had the whole emergency row seats with the extra leg room all to myself.  That was pretty neat.


Just before take off, a late passenger joined me in my row.  I joked on Facebook that I noticed he put a portable oxygen tank under the seat in front of him as his carry-on item.  There was only four of us total sitting in the emergency exit rows and he now made the fifth.  I didn't think he increased our odds of rescue personnel due to him needed oxygen already.  But, thankfully the plane didn't crash and we arrived at the Spokane airport safely.  However, we did have to go without a beverage service since it was too bumpy for the flight attendants or passengers to get out of their seats.

Melissa, the manager of our North dispatch center picked me up along with her cutie five year old daughter.  Upon parting ways her daughter Mia told me "this isn't goodbye forever, just for now."  And she wanted me to sit with her in the back seat when I rode with her next.  She was adorable.

It turns out the state car I was slated to use was buried under several inches of snow and also had several inches of snow around all four sides.  Oops.  So, my ride for the next few days is an unmarked black Dodge Charger.  Not too shabby but does make me extra nervous at the cost of any damage I would potentially do to it!  So far, the weather up north is just as crappy as it is down south right now but the roads are plowed.  They are slightly narrow so that did trip me up and time or two in the dark last night.  I'm pretty sure I'll me limiting my driving while I am on this trip.

Checking into the hotel was a bit of a hassle but thankfully since I am staying for five nights, they weren't too worried I'd actually be checking in with a stolen credit card.  Hey, I also have State Police identification with me but I guess that only still makes me partially legit.  I don't have my own P-card but I do have a copy of my supervisors along with her photo ID.  I guess I just needed one more bit of paper, an authorization form, so hopefully we will get this sorted out in the next few days.  Next time I travel, I better bring a completely legit person with me, just not my partial status.

I wanted to eat dinner close to the hotel since I need to see this area in the daylight to become more comfortable.  I went to Red Robin and treated myself to french fries (i.e. ate some of my stress). However, I was pretty bummed with my fries came out looking a bit sad, underwhelming, and overcooked.


I kept debating if I should ask for better fries or if this was the Weight Watcher Gods telling me I shouldn't give into stress eating.  The waiter came by and asked if I wanted more fries.  Well now...I asked him if I could get any less done fries and he quickly ran out a fresh hot basket.  By then I convinced myself that a few fries would do just fine and I didn't need to hoard the whole basket.

Don't worry, I balanced out my fries with some fruit after stopping at Albertson's before heading back to the room to watch more Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  I was craving a beer so bad but didn't know what the rules are of transporting alcohol in a state vehicle so I opted for healthy fruit instead.


Training is Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.  I am also planning to see my bud Dawny from Spokane while I am in town.  I'll try and check in when I can during downtime. 

It is currently almost 3am and I need to wake up at 6am.  I woke up around 2am and didn't fall back asleep.  I better get a little more shut eye before that alarm goes of.

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