Not Much To Say But Checking In

Good Afternoon?  Evening?  Morning?  I really don’t know what time of day it is anymore.  I’m on day three of five days at work this week and today I am just not feeling it.  It is one of those days too where I keep dropping stuff and I ended up lacking items for two different recipes.  So I ended up winging it.  I had a moment of weakness where I wanted to give in to a sweet treat but I quickly squashed the thought and continued on.  A sweet treat won’t help me come WI day on Monday!


I met with my trainer before I came into work and I wasn’t feeling that either.  I am just tired and run down.  I could have used a nap before work but I ran out of time.  I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day.


I met with Tyson three days this week.  I’ve learned that I am not a three-day-a-week person when it comes to a hard(er) workout and being sore.  I also tweaked my knee on Monday and it got worse on Wednesday so today we just worked on upper arms.  I am working on icing my knee and hoping it is improved come Monday for our next training appointment.


I still feel like I am a weenie when it comes to working out.  I know my trainer goes much lighter on me than he does on other clients and I worry that I am letting him down.  He is always nice and encouraging so that helps.  Much like weight loss, I want it to all come together NOW and I can’t realistically expect that since I am so out of shape.  All I can do is to keep building one day at a time.  I’ll be honest, it was really hard to psych myself up to go to training later in the week.  My mind knows it is good for me but my body is saying, “um…we are just fine sitting over here on the couch.” 


Sorry to be so down today.  I thought I should post something but I don’t have much to say.

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