One Quarter Complete Wtih My First Personal Training Experience

Since I purchased a 12 training session package, I am now a quarter of the way through my first time with a personal trainer.  I feel like we are still in the honeymoon period and I know things will get more challenging.  But, overall, this has been a very good experience and a positive venture for getting myself healthy in 2017.

These last three sessions have been about Tyson learning about me and my activity level as well as any injuries he can spot based on how my body moves.  I feel Tyson knows a lot about injury prevention so I’m really glad he watches for that and tries to avoid any issues that might come up.

Workout One: 30 minute circuit training with a mix of weight machines and heart rate recovery moves

Workout Two: Balance movements with weights to test endurance level and injuries

Workout Three: Card “Game”

Tyson warned me the “card game” was coming.  My friend Mark, who has trained with Tyson for the last year, has also talked about it.  Well I learned all about the cards at my third training session.  Tyson has a deck of cards and each different suit means you are doing a different move.  For example:

Hearts = Burpies

Spades = Air Squats

Diamonds = Push ups

Clubs = Kettlebell swings

Then, the number on the card is the amount of reps you do for each move.  For example:

3 of hearts = 3 burpies

5 of spades = 5 air squats

Face cards also had values attached to them.  Jacks = 11 reps, Queens = 12 reps, Kings = 13 reps, Aces = 15 reps (apparently there isn’t 14 reps??) 

You try and work through as many cards as you can in a 30 minute period doing whatever movement and reps come up on each card.  The only time you change movements is then the card shows a different suit.  So you might get a 3 of hearts and have to do 3 burpies and then the next card might be the ace of hearts so you have to then do another 15 burpies after the three you have completed…oh yes, this happened to me!

So, how did it go?  Well, I pretty much thought I was going to die.  But, I didn’t so that is a huge plus!  I made it through 44 cards (there are 52 cards in a deck) and I did a total of 99 burpies!  Tyson was nice to me in that I was allowed to modify the burpies so I was stepping in/out instead of jumping in/out and I was able to do push ups on my knees.  We also alternated through two different types of kettlebell swings to work different muscles.

It was a very difficult workout.  Tyson said upfront to take as many breaks as I needed and to go at my own pace.  He says often people push themselves too hard and fast and end up pucking.  I didn’t lose my breakfast but I wasn’t very comfortable either getting up/down on the floor so much.  Thankfully when the workout was over I was really happy I pushed myself to complete it. 

I’ve found that happens each time I meet with Tyson.  It is very hard during the workout but I always feel great when the workout is done.

Well…except for being so sore the next two days! 

Tyson wants to meet three times this week.  Oy.  I’m nervous!

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