Who Pissed Off Mother Nature?

We were pounded with a pretty rough snow storm earlier in the week.  The effects it left have been hard to deal with.

According to the Boise Airport, we have not had this much snow fall for at least 30 years.  It has been hard to be at work, Tuesday and Wednesday were exhausting days in dispatch, and due to the large amount lingering in the neighborhood, it has been hard for my coworkers to get to work.

Tuesday I had snow tires installed as I was pretty fearful of getting the projected 5 inches.  I am so glad I go them and consider it money well spent since the projected 5 inches turned into 7 inches plus!  It was crazy.  Kenyon drove me to/from work on Wednesday and I had Thursday off.  The ACHD plow had come through our major street so it has been easy to get in/out of my neighborhood.  I feared I'd be working 24-hour shifts since my coworkers have been struggling to get our of theirs.  But, it looks like via Facebook that the local plows have been able to hit up most of the side streets.

After our heavy snowfall around Christmas, there has been a lot of angry citizens about local snow removal so ACHD made a better plan this go round.  I saw some grumblings for the first few days but thankfully it looks like people are happier now that they can get out of their own driveway.  I know I am!

I am so glad not every year is like this but boy do we have a tough few months ahead of us.  I am not a fan of winter to begin with and all this snow coupled with our below zero temperatures makes it really unabarable.  I feel much like those that were hamered with snow on the east coast a year or so ago.  It is also crazy that our temps are really low and it was 60 degrees in North Carolina on NYE.  What is up with you Mother Nature?  Somebody sure pissed her off!

Of course snow is rather deceiving because when we were out shoveling in the wee hours of the morning it was so light and fluffy.  It almost made me miss the days of being a kid and loving playing in the snow.  My views on snow have changed since becoming a police dispatcher, that is for sure.

I found a funny on FB.  It says:

Dear Snow,

You were cute when you were small and new.  Now you are old and grown up.  It is time to get your shit together.

Love, Me

OMG.  Ain't that the truth!

Sadly, we have more winter weather came today (lots more inches) and more due tomorrow followed by warmth and rain.  Oh boy.  I think we will be going from freezing cold snow pack to warm monsoon flooding.  Things are about to get ugly.

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