Update On Lipsense Lipstick Review

I thought I would share with you an update on Lipsence, the smudge proof, kiss proof, all-day lipstick I’ve been wearing for about a month a half now.

I feel like my all-day wear has improved, especially when you were a lighter color.  The bold dark color of Sheer Berry starts to show wear along with waterline (the insides of your lips) and corners.  I find that when I wear a color that is closer to my lip color and/or a color that is more neutral, I don’t noticed that is it is wearing off as quickly and/or it is just less noticeable overall.  I figure if I am going to wear lip stick, I do want it to be noticeable. 

I went through a very dry spell a few weeks ago in which I just couldn’t get my lips properly moisturized.  I posted on my consultant Katee’s Facebook page and found others were also experiencing it.  So I think it was just the overall winter dry weather that was affecting me.  I hear using coconut oil is helpful when removing your Lipsense so you don’t dry out your lips.  I need to get to Trader Joes (best price in town) to get some.  I’ve also been told you can use a mix of coconut oil and brown sugar as a lip scrub for those dry spells.

In the meantime, when I’m not wearing my Lipsense color, I’ve been using the Lipsense moisturizing lip balm.  The lip balm also cost $20 but this way I can spare my lip gloss and only use it when I’m wearing color.  I went through my first tube of lip gloss really fast.  I seem to be using this second tube slower so maybe the lip balm is helping that.  I just tend to wear a lot of chpstick and since I can’t (once you being the Lipsence exfoliation process you shouldn’t go back to other lips producs), I’m using the lip balm.

I’m still really happy with my Lipsense an I’m looking forward to may party later this month.  I’m a bit worried on where everybody will park with the snow situation in my neighborhood.  But, I’m excited to share this product with my friends. 

I tried mixing some colors after I got my new color Fire & Ice.  I like Fire & Ice but it isn’t as red as I thought and sometimes it looks pink.  Here I am wearing just Fire & Ice.


Here I am with two layers Sheer Berry and one layer of Fire & Ice.


Here I am with two layers Fire & Ice and one layer Mauve Ice.


I love how you can mix the colors to create some new colors.  I stole this from the internet.  Using Dark Pink and Sheer Berry you can mix and match all sorts of colors.  It just depends on the layers and what you layer when. 

I’m hoping at my party I can find a color to compliment Precious Topaz.  I’m just not sure I am a fan of the straight brown.  I have mixed it with Sheer Berry but I think I need something that compliments the brown but maybe brightens it up a bit?  I’m not sure but I’ve got a great consultant to guide me!

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