The Last Few Days

Happy Weekend to most of you out there.  I’m on a short work week since I am flying out of town on Sunday for training all week.  It is sort of exciting to travel for work and I wish Kenyon could come with me.  I guess I’ll just have to get used to a big king size bed all for myself!

I hosted my Lipsense Party on Thursday night.  It was a little touch-and-go on if I’d have any guests as (once again) we had a large winter storm that dumped several inches of snow.  Seriously?


I cleaned house just in case and even woke up after going to bed just a few hours prior worrying about where I was going to park everybody.  I hired a neighborhood kid to help me shovel and my neighbor Trini also helped.  We managed to clear a path from the sidewalk through the grass and into the part of the street that was plowed.  I couldn’t have done it without their help. 


I confirmed that there would be five in attendance (plus my nieces and my sister’s boyfriend).  Just before the party began the snow plow came through and helped clear the road further.  Yahoo!  While we didn’t have an abundance of parking, it all worked out.


It was a very small party but we had a good time.  I was able to get most of the women to order.  I think I am at least earning a free color and I was able to exchange the color I had not liked much, Precious Topaz, for another color, Lexi Berry.  I’m looking forward to my Jamberry Ladies Night in two weeks.  Maybe by then we will have more parking but I’m going to say probably not likely.

Later in the evening Phoenix and her daughter Kiki stopped by for a visit.  On Friday I invited my friend Brenda over to look at the product colors and then met up with my friend Dorothy to also look.  So over the last few days I have been able to visit with lots of people.

On Friday at work I organized a crockpot soup night.  We had a good spread of food and it was all so delicious.


Between the Lipsense Party (44 SPV consumed at the party and a daily consumption of 64 SPV) and the soup party at work (47 SPV consumed at the party and a daily consumption of 51 SPV) I have officially blown through my WSPA and am now in the negatives.  I knew I would have some high points days but it sure does add up when you really look at how much you consumed.  I did the best I could with estimating.  I’ll do my WI at home on Sunday morning before I leave town.  There won’t be an official WW meeting and WI this week due to my work travel.

But, I’m going to be tracking while I am out of town to help keep me accountable.

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