Weekly WI: 10 Years Of January Weigh-Ins

My 10-Year Weight Watcher Anniversary is just a two short weeks away.  I got out my WW material I’ve been storing/saving and looked back at my weight records.  I wanted to compare my weight over the last 10 years each January at the start of the month.  Looking back is always humbling.  Sometimes it takes a slight shift in my perspective to not get totally depressed over my re-gain.  I continue to pat myself on the back for mostly sticking with it over the last 10 years and that I am still below my starting weight in January of 2007. 

I heard long ago that weight loss success is measured in losing 10% of your body weight and keeping that weight off for one year.  It is also less likely to keep a large amount of weight off for a long period of time.  Although, there are many wonderful success stories out there and I am proud to be a part of an internet group that is successful with keeping off 100+ or more pounds.  And their support and non-judgment keeps me going day to day.

So, here is where my weight has been over the last 10 years:

January 2007 – 304.8My starting weight and my all-time highest weight

January 2008 - 224.0

January 2009 - 184.4

January 2010 – 167.4I hit my goal weight in March of 2009 and became a Lifetime member in April of 2009.  I continued to lose as my 30th birthday was October of 2010.  This was my all-time lowest weight.

January 2011 - 177.4

January 2012 - 176.4

January 2013 - 179.6My back issues started in August of 2013.  This was the first time I saw my Lifetime membership really start to slip away.

January 2014 - 182.8

January 2015 - 196.6

January 2016 - 220.6I know the end of 2015 spilled over into 2016 and I still didn’t recover quick enough.  I continued to gain weight as I continued to focus on other aspects of my life and not making myself or my WW program a priority.

January 2017 - 242.0 - Despite some negative thoughts, I re-committed to my WW program and over the last two weeks I have held myself accountable to 100% tracking and working to motive myself back into activity.  I really am excited about 2017.  I do desperately strive to see the scale go down but I also know better health overall needs to be top priority.

Do you want to see what 10 years of weight records look like?


Yep, I’ve kept all my weight record books through the years.  When I joined the National Weight Registry several years ago, you need to know what your weight is from year to year.  So, it comes in handy to help keep them.

I’ve also kept my bookmarks with my 5 pound starts (there is a total of 140 pounds in stars there) and my Lifetime Bravo stars for each month I was at goal and earned my yearly LT key charm.  I miss those yearly charms.

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