YOUR Friday But Not Yet MINE

Happy Friday (although I still have a few days to go until I get to my Friday).  I hope you have lots of fun on your weekend agenda!

I ended up offering to come into work early today to cover for coworker that was having car trouble.  In doing so, that meant that I couldn’t keep my appointing with my trainer.  I was sort of relieved!  My body (and my right knee) is very sore.  I’m not made for three-days-a-week training.  It is just too much.  Of course I offered to come in tomorrow and we are meeting before I go in for my usual shift.  I know I this push is good for me I just hate being sore.

Our new troopers are currently attending their POST/ATC training right now.  It would be miserable to have to be out in this weather so I know I’m not cut out to be a trooper.  I spotted them earlier in the week outside in short sleeves and shorts doing some sort of scavenger hunt.  Yep, not my cup ‘o tea.

For the bulletin board at work I’m going to print off some of the funny snow/winter related comics I’ve seen on Facebook recently.  We are going to title it “Wishing For Warmer Weather.”  There are some funny ones out there.


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