Twice The Activity And Quadruple The Friends

**I am a little late getting this posted since it is from Monday and today is Friday**

I’ve been working on losing the same 10-pounds since July.  In early July, I hit my all time high since reaching my goal weight in 2009 when I weighed in at a whopping 253 pounds.  Since that time, I have started collecting 5-pound stars as I work my way back down the scale.  There is just something motivating about getting excited for a star sticker!

I had re-committed back in July and had been successful in losing for several weeks.  I was so close to getting my 10-pound star but never quite got there.   While I had kept off some of the weight I lost, that 10-pound start was just dangling out there like a carrot. I was super stoked when I earned it at my Monday night meeting.

Monday was a super packed day.  I woke up and headed straight to my training session with Tyson.  I drove back home and showered then met my friends Danielle and Kate to walk the mall.  I knew the scale at home was down but I didn’t quite expect a three pound loss once I got to my meeting.  I was nervous my activity might hinder it but perhaps it helped give it a boost?  Either way, I was happy.  I met up with my friend Phoenix and Brenda later in the evening for some much needed girlfriend time.  It was twice the activity and quadruple the friends.

I have a funny story:  I was pulled over by one of our local agencies as we were driving to Matador for a drink and some chips and salsa.  I had forgotten to turn my headlights back on after we left the gas station from returning a Red Box.  We had a good laugh but then I was freaked out the rest of the night about having a drink and then driving home later.  I actually stuck to just one beer and drank Coke Zero the rest of the night!  I saved myself some alcohol points and instead used them for chips and salsa.  It was a good trade to me!

We got our new meeting materials on Monday so I’m in the process of reading over it all.  Not major changes but I am looking forward to some new meal ideas.

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