Weekly WI

My WI on Monday came and went.  It was a good energetic meeting.  I really do love the Monday night leader and the Monday night group.  We had lots to celebrate.  One woman has lost 20 pounds (I swear she just started like 6 weeks ago) and one got to goal again.  I love successes!

So, how was my success?  I maintained my loss from last week and my total loss over the last four weeks remains at 7.2 pounds.

We got a new scale at home and I was a little freaked out since it was saying I had gained three pounds.  Three pounds?  I didn’t eat enough to gain three pounds.  But, I was trying to stay positive as I headed to my meeting.  I knew I wasn’t off track so all I could do was continue on as I have been these last few weeks.  I was really happy with the maintain.  It is easy to get thoughts of how fast you can lose but the reality it, you won’t lose each week.  And, I’m a woman so it isn’t surprising that every four weeks I will see a spike in the numbers.  It happened when I was working my hardest to lose the weight 10 years ago. 

Being a women + Having surging hormones = The scale lying to you

It is what it is and we just keep going forward.  I’ve been thinking ahead and making plans for a successful week.  I will also be meeting with my trainer three times this week.  Since I’ll be out of town next week he talked me into three days again.  I’m still nursing a bum knee with ice but overall, I feel good.  I hope I have turned over a new leaf with this personal training stuff because I was actually energized when I went in on Monday to meet with Tyson.  We worked out with medicine balls.  I’ll tell ya, I’m turning into a pro just like you see on TV!

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