Pineapple Habenero Jelly

I am not a fan of really spicy foods so I often shy away from jalapenos and especially habaneros.  Around Christmas time, my Mom served some jalapeno jelly over cream cheese which you then spread on a cracker.  The mix of the sweet and spicy jelly with the cool and creamy cheese made for a very addicting appetizer.

I later went to a Jamberry Ladies Night where again this wonderful concoction was being served.  This time though it was homemade jalapeno jelly made by our hostess for the evening.  It was just as delicious.

I received a jar of pineapple habanero jelly as part of my generic gift in my Christmas family gift exchange.  I knew I would be serving this jelly over cream cheese at my upcoming parties. 

As I was waiting for guests to arrive, I sampled the delicious appetizer to find shortly after my taste buds were ON FIRE.  Holy cow!  I think I much prefer the delicate spice in the jalapeno jelly vs. the hot-and-heavy spice in the habanero jelly.  However, after my taste buds returned to normal, I was much more wise to snack on the dish putting more cream cheese and less jelly on my cracker.  I warned my guests the appetizer had a kick to it but it still managed to catch a few people off guard.

Over all, I do like this jelly but once it is gone, I’ll return to the jalapeno.  I think at my next party I’ll do a little more liberal with the jelly as well.  Who knows, we might have guests that love that taste-buds-on-fire feeling.

Happy Snacking!

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