One Consistent Measure Of Success

Since I joined WW there has been one consistent measure of weight loss/gain in my life: the airplane seatbelt.

I’m sure you have all heard my WW story but for those that haven’t or maybe those that are dying to hear it again, the airplane seatbelt is what contributed to me walking into my local WW center in January of 2007.  The reason, well really one of many reasons that I decided it was time to take control of my life, was after a trip to Las Vegas and my stress over the airplane seatbelt barely buckling.  I seriously thought I was going to have to cover my lap and fake it when the flight attendant came by to check.  I was miserable and knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  So, into my local WW center I marched and the rest, as they say, is history…

But, we all know that history does have a way of repeating itself!

From January 2007 on, every time we have boarded a plane I would know as soon as that seatbelt buckle clicked with ease that the decision to change my life has been a success.  It was a one consistent reminder in my life that I had not only accomplished a huge milestone but that I continued to keep myself on the right track.

It has only been these last few years, and more so on our most recent trip to Las Vegas, that I’ve noticed while the seatbelt does buckle with ease, I don’t have all that excess strap hanging down as I once did when I was at my goal weight.  Above all, it is a consistent reminder now that I’m not as disciplined as I once was.

There are many signs that can be ignored as you work your way back up the scale.  But, for me the airplane seatbelt will always be one consistent measure of success.


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