Tracking Week Three And Weekly WI

I’m checking in with my Weekly-WI report a day late.  My Monday night meeting was cancelled due to winter weather but thankfully the Tuesday night leader didn’t cancel.  So, I did my WI this evening before work.  I was hoping that my loss from Monday would still show up on Tuesday (hey, with the scale you never really know what will happen) and it did!  I lost 1.8 pounds this week.  WhooooHooo!

This brings my total loss for the last three weeks to 7.2 pounds and my total loss since July 2016 to 12.8 pounds.  I’m planning to keep riding this motivation train all the way to success town.  OMG, that was silly!

Tracking is working for me and doesn’t feel like a chore or a pain in the ass.  I don’t feel restrictive either.  The hardest part is being prepared with food/meals so that I know I have low point and healthy options ready to go.  Tonight is my last day of work (THANKFULLY) but I only have Wednesday off.  Then I am back on for another five-day stretch.  So, grocery shopping and meal planning will be a must tomorrow so I am all set for the remainder of this week.

Last week I had a few high point days that I was able to off-set with some low point meals/snacks around it.  And, I even enjoyed some dessert bites.  We went out to dinner at Olive Garden on Thursday and used Kenyon’s free dessert coupon for his birthday.  He picked the lemon cake and we had it boxed to take home.  Once home I had a bite and then let him finish it off.  I wasn’t feeling in the mood for sugar.  On Friday we celebrated my grandpa’s 87th birthday.  My aunt brought an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery.  It looked delicious and worth the points so I took my slice, ate a few bites, and then gave it to Kenyon.  I was able to look up the points and counted it as 1/2 of the slice for 8 SPV.  Yes you read that right.  A full slice of a large 14 inch round piece of ice cream cake is 17 SPV.  That is the main reason I work really hard to keep my sugar/desserts in check.  It is almost triple the points it once was due to the new Smart Points plan.  I can eat A LOT of other yummy stuff for 17 SPV that will hold me over much longer than a piece of ice cream cake.  And hey, I had my cake and ate it too.  OMG, I’m on a roll!  Seriously though, it was tasty but I didn’t need a whole piece.  Dessert tracked and onward we went. 

I’m looking forward to fresh new week and two more days working out with my trainer.

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