Sometimes The Best Laid Plans Fall Through

So I actually forgot my WW tracker when I went out of town to Coeur d’ Alene for training.  I made notes in my tracker along with carefully scouting out some places to eat near my hotel and the training location. 


I attempted to track using eTools on day one but that only lasted through breakfast and lunch.  Since our lunch service on Monday at the training was catered by Café Rio, it didn’t take long to blow through my daily points allowance and was pretty much the end of my tracking.  From there I shifted into the mindset of paying attention to my food in general.  Pretty soon that turned into reaching for an indulgence and/or stress eating.

I’m pretty sure surpassed both plans A and B and was probably on plan F or G by the time the week ended.  The good news is that any gain I show at my meeting Monday night is only temporary and as my new week starts Monday.

I have to admit that Saturday morning, I was glad to be back home and back in control of my environment.  It is nice to be able to prepare my own food again.  Attending a 30th Birthday celebration for my friend Kelsey on Saturday night meant I wasn’t back on track ASAP and has me looking forward to tracking even more this coming week.  There is a direct correlation between tracking and making healthy eating choices so I’ve got my paper tracker all lined up for this coming week.

We had a great time at the party and Kelsey’s mom set up a photo booth.  I love my group of friends and I love how much fun we have together.  I’m looking forward to the Jamberry Ladies Night I am hosting on Friday night.  It’s just one more reason to get my friends together for fun.  Without some fun in life…then life is boring.

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