Sunday Funday

OH MY GOSH!  What a game!  I don’t watch football but I joined a Jamberry grid game where the final score determines who wins $65 worth of Jamberry product.  If the Patriots had not scored and put the game into OT, I would have won.  But sadly, I lost.  Darn it.  Would have been awesome to have so much free stuff (I paid $10 to join the game).  By the way, here is my cute V-day Jams.  I have some fun holiday ones coming for March and April.

I picked up Grandpa and went out to my parents for Sunday night dinner.  Mom and Dad started this tradition a year ago after Grandma D passed away.  It will be one year officially on Tuesday.  I still can’t believe sometimes that she is gone.  It was nice to see Grandpa and also my niece Emma.  At one point I was trying to pass through into the kitchen and she blocked me telling me I needed a password.  As it turns out, the password was “Kenyon.”  Boy that girl likes her uncle!  She also questioned me as I was in the bathroom through the door asking if I was just peeing or if I was pooping too.  That kid, I tell ya!

I’m anxious to see the scale tomorrow when I wake up.  I’m planning to just do my WI at home since I can’t attend my meeting this week.  I feel like I’m cramming for a test in trying to do my best to see a loss but feeling worried.  I think from here on out, it is best to divvy up my weekly points throughout the week instead of have some large food days.  I went a bit overboard this last week.  I’ll know for sure my official weight tomorrow.

We were able to wear jeans tonight so that is a plus.  I’m also planning to log some treadmill time here at work.

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