18-Week Check-In With The Personal Trainer

I had my 18ish week check-in with my personal trainer and got my measurements taken again.  The month of April was a difficult one in that my weight didn’t really go down a whole lot.  Instead, it went down, then up, then down, then up, up one more time, and finally back down.  I think I came away with a two pound loss for the entire month of April.  So, I was hopefully my measurement might make up for the difference.  And they did!

I’ve been losing at least one inch all over my body at each of the measurement check-ins.  This time, however, I lost 5 total inches on just my waist and 6 total inches on just my hips.  Holy cow.  My trainer even measured two times just to make sure.  I guess maybe the accumulation of the last 18 weeks has started to pay off.  I am down 17 pounds as well since I started my personal training sessions.  I am definitely feeling better, have more energy, and my clothes fit better.

I will resume training sessions when we return from vacation next week and sign up for another 12-weeks.  I’ll work really hard to continue to change my body. 

I’m also going to stay mindful of my splurges while on vacation (alcohol!!) and remember to eat more salads.  We are going to the land of Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo so I see Mexican cuisine in my very near future!

I’ll check in as I can/time allows.  I do plan to enjoy my unlimited time with Kenyon, my in-laws, and my Aunt Barb.

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