Sharing Blog Posts From My Weight Loss Journey: The NUMBER On The Scale Is Only A NUMBER

I’m sharing old blog post from my weight loss journey when I blogged on another site:

March 7, 2010

The NUMBER On The Scale Is Only a NUMBER

I tell myself all the time that I need to not focus so much on the number on the scale. It really is just a number. And now that I am on maintenance, that number jumps all over the place. For those that are not yet in maintenance, once you get there, the days of hoping for a “loss” aren’t there anymore. Instead of “gains” or “losses” you just sort of go up and down in a “weight range.” My weight range is 166-170. I feel really good at 166 and at 170, my pants are tight!!! I know I don’t like staying in the 170s and really do prefer to be 166. 

Lately, I have been in the 170s (or pretty darn close to it) since after Christmas. I’m not quite sure why I can’t seem to keep my weight at the “lower end” of my weight range. I think mostly it has to do with just being comfortable with eating. My day-to-day eating is right on track. I will always bypass the fast food joints. I will always go for something that will satisfy me before I go for something that will just be empty calories. However, my sweet tooth still enjoys its fair share (and then some) of goodies daily.  

Since I rotated to the graveyard shift at work in January, being up late at night at home on my days off has posed some challenges. It has tested my boredom-eating a time or two. I really struggle with boredom and with a full kitchen at my disposable I have really had to try and dig my heels and try to refrain from overdoing it. I have been successful at times and also not-so-successful. I will always struggle with boredom eating. 

So, back to the number on the scale – why are we so hard on ourselves?? I am doing GREAT. I know I’m doing great. I will have been at goal for one year on March 14th. When I got to goal I weighed in at 173. Today, I am 170.4. I looked back at my book to see what my weight was last Christmas. I was wondering if I was “heavier” during the winter months last year. Since I was still in weight loss mode last year, I actually am 10 pounds lower this February then I was last February. I am doing fine. I have not had to pay for a WW meeting in the last year. I am not above my goal like other Lifetime members around me. I am at goal where several other WW members have not yet made it to their goal and have been a WW member longer then I have. I am doing fine. So why am I so hard on myself??? 

I went for a walk/jog today in the sunshine. Boy, do I miss the sunshine. I also miss my days off with Kenyon. Right now we are on opposite shifts with little days off together. I am so looking forward to shift change. There is a lot to look forward to this summer. We are going to Arkansas for a wedding. I’ve never been to AR. Then my friend Phoenix is getting married and I am a bridesmaid. Then we have our Alaska cruise in June. So much to look forward to!!!! That is what is important. Not the number on the scale! Silly me.

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