We are at the airport preparing for Vacation Part Two.  When we booked our trip to NM, it was based on Kenyon's current work schedule.  Once we found out he would be switching to the other end of the week, he ended up with two weeks off work.  We debated extending our NM trip but instead, Kenyon suggested going to Vegas again.  I know we have just been there recently twice, but the cost of flights was so cheap and we have room comps.  So, away we go to Part Two of our vacation.

We are pretty tired after not sleeping well the last few days.  I love that my aunt opens our home to us and she is also an excellent cook.  It is just difficult not having control over your environment so I am hoping for better sleep in Vegas.  However, it is Sin City and is known for its night lift.

Our last few days in NM were laid back and enjoyable.  We spent more time with Kenyon's family and then took my aunt to dinner/drinks last night as a thank you for her hospitality.  We first went to Papa Felipe's for dinner and a margarita.  I'd been wanting to try the chicken enchiladas and they didn't disappoint. We got both green and red chile on the side so I didn't burn my mouth off and had a very enjoyable experience.  Also, the yummy margarita helped with any hotness.

From there we went to this place called Sadie's, which Barb knew had good margaritas.  We told our waiter we were doing a taste test and honestly, I like Papa Felipe's better.  But, they were each equally yummy.  

Kenyon was our DD and I had fun telling everybody he was our "Uber driver whom we really liked and invited him to join us."  I'll tell ya, that line never gets old and I get a good laugh out of it.  As Kenyon was cashing us out, I heard our waiter ask him about being our Uber driver.  Ha!

We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where they serve a delicious southwestern sausage, said our goodbyes to Barb, and returned our rental car and caught the shuttle to the airport.  We are waiting for our flight which it looks like it jus rolled in.  We upgraded our rental to a Jeep Renegade as I've been eyeing a new car.  We liked it so we might look more at the options when we get home.

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