Size 16W

I went shopping for some white pants/capris for a costume wedding party we are attending next Sunday (I'm going as Flo from Progressive and Kenyon will be Jake from State Farm). 

I was pretty sure the size 18W would fit but I took sizes 20W, 18W, and 16W into the dressing room with me. Both the 20W and the 18W fit, which I assumed would look big once worn a few times. I decided to try on the size 16W and it actually fit!! 

I'm still wearing my size 20W jeans I bought at Lane Bryant last year after I had a good cry at my WW meeting.  I'm not ready to buy all new clothes. However, this made me so happy, I bought four pairs of capris in size 16W (including two fun colors) to get me through this summer/fall since they are more of a crop than a capri.  I also wanted to get the 16W as I plan to keep working on getting the scale number down.

I was doing a Happy Dance for sure. 

I have had a good week with my food, although my activity has been low. I'm really hoping my efforts show at the scale. My trainer and I will be working on strength training these next four weeks. So, cardio on my own on the days I don't go to training will be super important.  Come on motivation! I need you to return ASAP.

I've been feeling super overwhelmed lately. Since returning from my vacations/time off from work, I feel like I am drowning in work again. It's back to the days six-day-work-weeks and one-day-weekends. Plus, I'm training one of our new dispatchers, which is very time consuming. I like swing shift but feel like I never have enough time in the day. It's all very stressful. The cherry on top is that I've been selected as the project lead on our dispatch recruitment video. It's a perfect I'm very compassionate about and am excited for the direction it's headed. With training, OT, and work in general, it's just a lot on my plate right now. We are closer to getting trainees out on their own so I think in a month things will improve.

Anyway...I'll report back on the scale.

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