Dedication And Diet

I skipped my weekly WI in lieu of getting more sleep yesterday.  I hate missing out on my Tuesday morning meeting and I don't have many more weeks where I can attend.  I just didn't feel like going.  My vacation weight is still sticking around (two pounds) and I was super sore from my training session with Tyson.  So, I re-set the alarm and slept more.  I am glad I bought in some groceries to help me get back on track.  With a Ladies Weekend coming up, I need to make sure I stay on track in the days before I go out of town.

One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of her and her son on Mother's Day.  She received a flood of compliments on how good she looked and how trim she has gotten.  She replied to one comment asking how she had done it saying "dedication and diet."  There is so much truth to the comment.

Dieting is hard.  And the dedication to continue to stick with it can wean overtime making it harder to keep focused on your weight loss goals.  I was super focused in January, February, and March, but my dedication started to thin out in the month of April.  I am feeling more focused and striving to hit it hard these next few months so I can see some good weight loss and continue to feel better in my clothing.  

Being on our vacation and sitting in the middle seat on the airplane sure does put into perspective how "big" you are when you feel like you are spilling over into your partner's seat.  Unfortunately, Kenyon needs to use part of my seat which means I get pushed over into the seat next to me.  I was apologizing to the gal sitting next to us when we landed to Boise.  She told us it was okay and we learned she was flying into Boise and then driving to Twin Falls to see her father who had been admitted to the hospital.  We wished her the best and we about our way.

I didn't get myself back on track soon enough after vacation, but I feel okay with a two pound gain.  I've been thinking about what Tyson said in that the day(s) you pick to splurge will affect your weight for the few days after.  Had I gotten back on track upon our return to Boise, I might have had a maintain instead of a gain this week.  As long as I manage my food this week, I should see some of that weight drop off.  Of course, a Ladies Weekend will have an impact.  

Needless to say, I need to keep myself dedicated to my diet so I can keep myself dedicated to my weight loss goals.

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