Weekly WI: A Gain...Again

I had my check-in at the WW scale after missing/skipping the last two WIs.  I knew I needed to get on the scale despite deciding to have Chinese food on Monday evening when we met up with my parents in Nampa.  I had a 2.2 pound gain from my WI on May 2nd.

Sadly, the month of May is going to end up being a wash when it comes to weight loss.  Between our New Mexico and Vegas vacation and the Girls Weekend in Sun Valley, I have not technically lost any weight for the month.  (sigh)  There is still one week left so I am going to stay positive and work really hard for a loss this week.


We had a substitute leader this week so I’ve missed seeing Donna.  I hope she will be back next week.  In the meantime, Christina was there, a leader I met last year when we were living at my parent’s house.  I was feeling pretty good walking into my meeting despite knowing I would show a gain.  I’ve not seen Christina in a while so when I met her at the scale she said, “now, tell me about this waistline.”  I was happy my hard work at losing inches with my personal training sessions is noticeable.  She commended me for doing this slowly.

My focus is going to be on getting into the 220s.  I’ve been hanging out in the 230s waaaaay too long.

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