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I’m sharing old blog post from my weight loss journey when I blogged on another site:

December 9, 2009

Reflecting Back On The Journey

I often spend time thinking about my weight loss journey and how far I have come. I am reminded about how hard I worked and how much I pushed on even when it got tough. Weight loss is not easy. Getting healthy, learning how to manage food, and breaking down old food behaviors is tough. It is sort of like re-training yourself after years and years of always doing what you always did. 

However, anybody that makes the decision to change their life and embark on a weight loss journey will find it is very empowering. It can bring out stuff in you that you didn’t know you had. Once those exercise endorphins hit ya, there ain’t no going back!!! It wasn’t always like that though. There have been just as many “down in the dumps” times as there have been “feeling fancy free” times. I still have days that I feel fat and I have days that I feel thin. There have been struggles and upsets along with many accomplishments. All wrapped up in the journey I was on for about two years before I made my weight loss goal. 

It took me two years to lose the “bulk” of the weight. I have continued to lose and am now ten pounds under the goal I set with my doctor. I am at the point now where just an extra 5 pounds makes my jeans fit different and very uncomfortable. I am at the stage where I have to use these tools I built up to sustain my weight loss for the rest of my life. After all – I want to be the “results not typical” and one day even the “half my size” story you see in the magazines. 

I reflect back on my journey at different times. It has been more frequent here lately with the Biggest Loser season 8 contestants and the finale that just aired last night. It will be three years that I joined Weight Watchers this coming January. It will also be 10 months at/below my goal. And it feels great. 

Kenyon and I went to the Gary Allan concert last weekend. I was people watching before the show and saw several women that were quite large. They were looking sort of uncomfortable in the small seats and most looked to be sitting further out then their neighbor and even spilling over into their neighbor’s space. That is what reminded me of what I used to be like. I have no real concept of what I used to LOOK like. I do remember what it used to FEEL like. I hated being in the middle of two people at the movie theater. I felt too big for the seats and always tried hard to restrict my movements so I didn’t disrupt my neighbor. In this case, it was an eye opener on how far I’ve come. When Kenyon and I went to take our seats, they were next to a big ‘ol tall cowboy wearing a hat, button up shirt, boots and all! I didn’t hesitate to tell Kenyon I’d sit in the seat in the middle. I felt comforted to know that I didn’t have to disrupt either of my neighbors (although I did lean over to Kenyon’s side but that is a different blog post). 

I am so proud of my accomplishments. I am so happy that I no longer have to fear the seatbelt won’t buckle on the next plane ride like I had to worry three years ago when we went to Vegas. I don’t have to fear sitting in the middle of my friends when we go out to a movie. I can now continue to live my life as I always have…just in a smaller body!

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