Girls Weekend In Sun Valley

Our Girls Weekend in Sun Valley was so much fun.  We decided that we will for sure make this an annual trip.

The rental house/cabin we stayed in was a bit creepy and I think possibly haunted.  But, we didn't get murdered so that is a huge plus.  I don't think we would stay there again.  We were able to enjoy some time in the hot tub and on Saturday we played some card games.

Our day at the Spa at the Sun Valley Inn was very relaxing.  Phoenix and I had a pedicure and Danielle and Tracey had a massage, and Kelsey had a facial.  We enjoyed the lounge area, the locker room amenities, and the hot tub and heated pool outdoors.  We spent about four and a half hours there and let totally relaxed.

We had some good food experiences and some not-so-good food experiences.

Rico's Italian.  The service was unbelievable.  We had a the best server, Rick, who took good care of us and was super generous with the wine pouring.  Once he learned it was a ladies weekend, he offered free wine to the other girls at the table.  Thanks Rick for making our experience really great.

Kneadery.  We stopped here for breakfast on day one and enjoyed the food.

Konditorei. This German place was adorable and I loved the bathroom "people".  I had a salad for lunch on Saturday.  This proves that I actually eat something healthy on our trip.

Warfield Distillery & Brewery.  Horrible service but yummy beer.  I had a Scottish Ale that was amazing.  Apparently, they had let their crew go home due to it being slow and then suddenly got a rush.  So, service was poor but the beer was good.  The food was only so-so.  Our grass-fed burger was dry.  And, it was really expensive.  Well, the whole weekend was expensive.

Limelight Lounge.  Rick, our server at Rico's suggested we go to Limelight for a drink on Saturday night.  He seemed to think it was more our crowd.  The service was terrible and so slow, we were really upset.  I have no idea what the hold up was but nobody's drink came out at the same time and everybody's drink tasted less than par.  I would not return.

Lastly, Brandie's Kitchen.  This was in Hailey as we headed out of town on Sunday.  It was PACKED and the food was DELICIOUS.  The service was good despite they were super busy and a group of 20 walked in just before us.  So, it was really crazy in there.  This was also our cheapest meal the entire weekend.  We would return to Brandie's Kitchen but next time, arrive earlier.

I can't wait until our next Girls Weekend.  It was so much fun getting to know Tracey better and spending time with my beloved friends.

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