New Mexico Family

Good Morning from the Land of Enchantment.

We are visiting my in-laws and my Aunt Barb.  On my husband's side, we have four nieces, two nephews, and one great niece.  We were able to see the entire gang Saturday and Sunday and had so much fun catching up.  I am soaking up at much time as I can with the two cute newest babies.  My niece Kirona is not quite a year old and my great niece Kanani is 13 months.  I've gotten tons of baby smiles and I just want to keep squeezing them.  I'm not posting any photos of them in respect to their parents.  I wish I could though, they are adorable.

We are also finding time to squeeze in some Mexican food during our trip along with my favorite green chile and cheese bagel.  Our dinner at Little Anita's was very underwhelming (holy spicy!!) but the sopaipillas were delicious.  So we might try for one more Mexican cuisine night before we leave.  I am still craving enchiladas since my last encounter didn't quite hit the spot.  The chile was also hot when we stopped into Flying M yesterday for breakfast.  I am just not having the best of luck when it comes to green chile on this visit.

Lastly, we are dealing with cockroaches!!  Yuck.  On Friday night I spotted one on my way to the bathroom but was not able to step on it fast enough.  Those suckers can move.  Saturday we came home to find they had multiplied and now there was two holding each of the entry way into our bathrooms hostage.  Between Kenyon and I, we were able to tag team them and I stepped on them.  Sadly, on Sunday night I missed killing the one I saw since I didn't have my tennis shoes on.  I've learned that you need to turn the light on before going into the hallway/bathroom and have adequate shoes on so you can squish them.  Other than that, I'm pretending they can't climb on the bed or suitcases and that they don't bite.  So far, it is working.  Eventually I'm going to show these roaches who is boss!  

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