Day Off Relaxation

I was heading into work today sporting my new Lipsense color Peace Pink and having a good hair day thinking about how good I feel. 


It might be the almost 20 pounds I’ve lost, the hard workout I completed with my trainer earlier in the day, or the nice spring-like weather we are experience, but whatever it is, it feels good and I feel good.

Weight loss and looking good have been on my mind lately, obviously because I’ve been working hard at it.  I know that having my clothes fitting better is starting to make me feel better about my body and about myself.  I am also reminded that weight loss doesn’t have to be the only way to make you feel beautiful.  A new wardrobe piece, a new lip color, a different haircut, a great workout, etc.  The list can go on and on.  It is finding the positives in all aspects of life that can lead to a happier one.

My day off on Wednesday was nowhere near long enough but with the abundance of overtime needing to be worked, I had to head back today.  I met up with my neighbor Trini for our first “patio beer” of the year.  When we moved in we decided we needed to make use of our patios by enjoying some adult beverages and girl talk.  It is always great to connect with friends.


Selfie outtake.


It was a very low key evening at home since we were both tired from getting up early for an appointment.  We napped and then I went to Fred Meyer to pick up the fixings for corned beef and cabbage that I’m preparing for my coworkers on Friday.  I passed the Guinness section and noticed a coupon on the box for $5 off by mail if you buy two.  So…two packs of Guinness followed me home.  I was just thinking how my beer shelf in the fridge is finally showing a dent in it.  Well, you can scratch that for now.

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