Weekly WI: Almost 20 Pounds

I was so close to earning my 20 pound re-gain/loss star at my WW meeting this week but it slipped through my fingers by 0.4 pounds.  It’s okay though as I still lost 2.8 pounds officially at my WW meeting.  My home scale was down 3.2 pounds, which is what I needed to earn my star.  I told my trainer Tyson it was a stretch but if I didn’t earn it this week, I’d earn it next week. So, that is my goal for this week: stay on track and stay focused on that 20 pound star.  100% honest tracking will help me get there.  I’m also down 71.6 pounds from my starting weight 10 years ago.  That makes me smile.

Our meeting topic was on your Support Group and your Tribe.  My WW meeting members and leaders have always been such a huge support.  My family has also been wonderful support.  I am very lucky.  I shared in the meeting not to forget those that you don’t see every day as somebody that can provide you support and that you can connect with people over the Internet.  I “met” many wonderful people and gained so much support during my early journey on the WW message boards.  The boards are not gone but the WW Connect is still a great resource and tool.  If anything I just love seeing all the motivating stories and the positive comments.  Plus, you can post photos which you couldn’t do on the WW message boards.

My 100+ pound WW Buddies along with my 5’6” Maintainer Buddies are still an important support for me.  They are my Tribe and I have moved our group to Facebook so we can stay in touch.  I love each of these ladies (and one guy) and even though they don’t live near me, I plan to meet each and every one of them in person one day.

Having support during a weight loss and weight maintenance journey is so important.  So is asking for help or reaching out to somebody when you need support.  My WW leader Gretchen brought up a great point about the people in your life who can support you if they know how to support you.  Make sure you communicate with them on what you need to be successful or what might be hindering your success.

I now have a personal trainer to add to my list of support and Tyson is a great cheerleader.  He might not always understand the realm of being overweight and the struggle to get thin, but he understands goals and is highly driven by them.  So, with him in my corner pushing me, he is making me reach outside my comfort zone and change my body. 

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