New Food Finds

I tried out some new food items I found last week on our trip to Costco and wanted to share.

This Olive Garden light Italian dressing is only 1 SPV for a full 2 tbsp (32 grams) of salad dressing. It is really yummy even if I don't have Olive Graden soup and bread to go along with it. And it is a points plus deal since you get so much dressing.

I started craving something sweet but not really wanting an actual sweet treat so I started searching out flavored water. I found a super pack making them just $0.35 each, which is much cheaper than in the store. I really like the orange mango and strawberry kiwi flavors. The blackberry flavor is just okay but not a favorite. They have zero calories and less than one gram of sugar due to there being some fruit juice concentrate in them.

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