Tuesday Thoughts

My activity today was some yard work.  Our temp today was 72 degrees so I knew I wanted to get out and enjoy it.  I woke up pretty sore from my workout with the trainer yesterday so I wasn’t quite up for a walk.  I had been doing some research on growing your grass back after a vole infestation and the best thing to do was to get out and rake up all the dead grass so new grass could grow.  I planned to tackle the yard and then sweep out the sand and what not that has gotten driven into the garage after our epic winter. 

I ended up only having time to rake and pull weeds.  Oh my I had a lot of weeds.  When we bought this house we wanted less yard maintenance.  Between winter snow shoveling and now voles and weeds, I’m not sure we actually accomplished that.  The one plus is that gigantic tree we had at our old house no longer belongs to us.  So I suppose I consider that a win.  I’m seriously considering hiring professionals to keep my lawn looking nice as I’m not very good at it.

During my racking of the yard, I uncovered two dead voles (shuttering as I think about it).  Then, I started to freak myself out and every time a leaf would blow by I’d scream and jump.  Thankfully they were dead, which was the plan.  But, it was still freaking me out.  I met up with my neighbor outside for a chat and she thinks she has voles on her patio side….great!.  They sure did a number on certain parts of our lawn but I am hoping it will re-grow.  If not, then we will call in the professionals.  Ugh.

I had been tipped off that there might be pizza in dispatch tonight so I was trying to plan accordingly.  I packed a salad to go along with one slice of pizza, had I chosen to spend the points on it.  As I was driving to work I started to feel like maybe I should skip the pizza in lieu of using my points elsewhere as I might meet Kenyon for breakfast in the morning after work.  Once I got to work though I realized the pizza was from one of our officers thanking us for all our hard work.  I didn’t want to turn it down so I had my one slice of Pizza Hut Hawaiian and my caesar salad from home.  OMG that pizza was amazing.  I’m not sure if I just haven’t had pizza in a while or what but it was good.  I made sure to savor every bite as I was telling myself “just one slice.”  I could have had four more.  I’m going to hold myself accountable as I really want to get that 20 pound star next week.  As delicious as it was, pizza won’t help me get there.

My only day off this week is tomorrow so I plan to make it low key.  One week until our Vegas Honeymoon Vacation (our anniversary).

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