My Inner Child Is Having A Melt Down

I’m having a bit of a down day as far as my spirits go today.  I’ve been seeing a lot my friend posting on Facebook about St. Patty’s Day themed fun-runs and parades.  Tonight is also the annual corned beef and cabbage feed at the Melba Catholic Church and sadly, I have to miss out because I am at work.  My inner child is throwing a temper tantrum and I’m having a difficult time accepting that I am an adult.  Darn those responsibilities!

I got a text from Phoenix around 2pm with this photo:


She had run a half marathon this morning with a very impressive time of just over two hours and was having her green beer at home.  I sent back this text:


At 2pm I was drinking coffee and preparing to go to work.  My how our days are quite different.

So today I low in spirits but hoping tomorrow will be a better day.  I think later this week our temps are to be in the high 60s and Kenyon and I are headed to Vegas for our anniversary here soon.  So there are many positives to look forward to.

I’ve been going great with my 100% honest tracking and keeping my food in check this week.  I also exercised four days this week planning to make it five days tomorrow.  I am anxious and excited about WI on Monday as I am hopeful my hard work will reward me with a loss. 

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