Work Woes And Cereal Bowls

Good Evening.  How are we all feeling after the time change?  I actually love the lighter evenings and it made driving to work more enjoyable as I was able to take in the last of the daylight and sunshine.  I had desperately wanted to get out for a walk but due to not sleeping well and waking up early, I opted for a nap before work.  I am glad I napped but I have a nagging headache that I can’t get to subside.

After I published my blogpost on my bummer bad mood yesterday, we got word that a fairly new coworker is quitting and has given her two week’s notice even though she is schedule through the next four weeks.  So...MORE overtime!  I was super generous and signed up for 50 hours of OT over the next four weeks but when the schedule was finalized, I was actually signed up for 60 hours.  Then that turned into 62 hours and finally 72 hours.  Oh my!  I have talked with a coworker who will help me out with 10 hours so at least I’m back down to 62 hours.  It is going to be a very long four weeks and sadly, a very long several months as we work to get more trainees through our training program.  Eventually things will get better but it sure was hard to stomach the bad news.  And, I’ll be honest, I cried a bit when my supervisor had asked me to take another 10 hour shift instead of enjoying my very limited days off.

We were all in a pretty bad funk last night and I think we are still processing it all today.  I joked with my coworkers that I needed a drink near the end of my shift as a headache started to come on (maybe the same headache I’m dealing with today??).  I had to stop by the grocery store on my way home so I gave into my stress and drowned my sorrows in cereal.


I’m not sure why cereal sounded good and I must have spent forever in the isle comparing cereals.  I was also hungry so that is a bad combo.  Anyway, I got a small bowl once home knowing I’d consume a few bowls of cereal.  I’m craving cereal just a little bit today but I didn’t have any.  It isn’t really worth the points for the small amount of serving size and I usually can’t stick to just one serving. 

Onward we got with work woes and life in general.

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