Fast Yet Slow Days All In One

I feel like the days are passing fast, and yet I am still only on day three of five at work.  So then it feels slow.  The time in between work is busy so maybe that is why it feels like I am on the go a lot these days.

Our St. Patty’s Day celebration at work was really fun.  It turns out not many of my coworkers like corned beef so my four pound brisket fed a lot.  Kenyon helped out with leftovers when I got home but we still have some left if we are still feeling festive.


I had a high point day yesterday between lunch at Carinos with Kenyon, a skinny milky way from Lucky Perk, and our corned beef dinner.


In lieu of green beer, I suggested sherbet floats made with Sprite and lime sherbet.  My coworker Kristine brought in orange sherbet and Sprite so I had two half glasses through the night.  It was mighty refreshing.  But, I steered clear of the cake.  It sure did look good though.


I’ve reeled in my food today being back at work.  I’m once again excited and anxious for WI this week.  I’ve also asked Tyson if we can take measurements on Monday when I meet with him.  So much excitement that must be contained! 

I swing by my friend Shauna’s house for a Scentsy party before I came to work.  I own a million Scentsy warmers so I knew I didn’t need to order anything.  I ended up getting some scents for spring time and some warmer stands so I can put my existing warmers on something other than my table.  I also supported my friend towards earning free product.  I also left with prizes.  Yippie.


My ex-coworker Jenn L was there with her week old baby.  It was wonderful to see her and also meet little Sadie.  I enjoy having fun time before work time.

Now, back to work.

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