Weekly WI: An Increase At The Scale & A Decrease In Measurements

While I saw an increase at the scale (undeserved and not sure why I gained), I saw a decrease in my body measurements.  Yippie! 

I had my 12-week check-in with Trainer Tyson and was excited for my measurements.  I’ve lost another inch all over (half an inch in two places) and my body fat came down 2%.  That really makes me happy.  Our fancy scale at home had my body fat percentage up while my weight was down but after a gain this week, the body fat percentage went down.  WTH??  This is why if you allow it to, the scale will cause you much misery and headache!

I found an article on SparkPeople about 7 Times The Scale Lies To You.  This one applies to me:

7. Practically any time during your menstrual cycle.
For women, it's a crapshoot. The changes that happen in your body throughout your menstrual cycle make your weight fluctuate constantly by up to two pounds during menstruation, your follicular phase, ovulation and PMS. Even more reason not to stress about a couple of pounds here or there, as this type of weight gain tends to come and go.

I don’t like to make excuses such as, “you must be building muscle” or “you are just retaining water” well…I do think I am retaining water because my rings are tight…but as a woman, it really is a crapshoot on what the darn scale is going to show.  Even on your hardest week, the scale might have an uptick.  All you can do is swallow the urge to binge eat and keep your head in the game.  Remember, what goes up must come down!

My worry is a legit vacation weight gain on top of a non-legit non-vacation weight gain.  Did I confuse you?  Since Kenyon and I are headed to Vegas Tuesday evening, I am a bit worried about my vacation gain.  I know I need to keep it in check and I do plan to stay mindful.  However, I’ve been in a funk these last few days and I think I need a break.  I need a break from work, stress, life, and points counting.  My goal for this week is to get out of vacation mode starting Friday.  Please help hold me accountable to that!

Back to the numbers.  I had my first training session with Tyson on December 28th so this Wednesday will be 12-weeks.  My weight recorded on the WW app for December 27th is 245.0.  My weight at my WI today was 235.2.  I’ve lost 9.8 pounds in the last 12-weeks along with at least 2 or more inches all over my body.  I am not sure what my starting body fat percentage was but I’m down at least 2% in the last six weeks.  Even though it does cost me extra money to have these personal training sessions, it is helping me get closer to my goal of getting back under 200 pounds. 

I’m bummed I didn’t get my 20 pound re-gain/loss star this week.  But, it will come so I just need to continue to work the program and stay accountable to myself.

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