Weekly WI: 20 Pound Star

I was pleasantly surprised at my weekly WI this week considering I missed my 20 pound star two weeks ago and then had a gain last week before heading out of town on our Vegas Vacation.

I earned my 20 pound star!!!  That is 20 pounds of re-gain lost again and hopefully for good!  That is my plan this go round.

Here is my weight graph over the last year.  I’ve not seen my weight this low since last year.  I’m looking forward to my next goal which is getting into the 220s.  I’m close but I think it will take me at least two weeks to get there. 

My weight on June 27, 2016 was 253.0.  My weight on December 27, 2016 was 245.0.  I’ve lost 20 pounds since June of 2016 and I’ve lost 14.4 pounds since December of 2016, which is when I signed up for personal training sessions and started to get serious again about my WW program by attending regular meetings each week and tracking 100% of my food intake.  I’ve also had a lot of success with my twice weekly personal training sessions as I’ve lost inches throughout and gone down in body fat percentage.

I get really excited thinking about being under 200 pounds again.  It is going to take some time despite me wanting to be here NOW.  I just have to stay positive, stay focused, and keep going.

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