NOT An April Fools Joke

Happy Saturday!

We had a beautiful, warm, spring-like day today.  I had planned to mow the lawn because I am limited due to my crazy work schedule.  I was going to mow last Tuesday and even got the lawn mower and trimmer batteries charged up and ready to go.  I ended up skipping it in lieu of sleeping in longer so I knew Saturday would be the day.  I got up, dressed, and headed to the garage to get going.  Then, I noticed there was no key to start the electric lawn mower. DOH!  We searched high and low and cannot find the stupid key.  I have no idea where I put it after last year’s lawn mowing season.  We’ve talked for years of teathering that key to the mower and I am really wishing we had done that.

So, as frustrating as it was, we had to stop looking and will have to resort to ordering a replacement.  Kenyon found one on Ebay for $10 and while I wish we could get Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping, I’ll just have to wait.  In the meantime, I might contact my neighbor’s to see if I can borrow a mower.  I am seriously considering hiring out the job for this upcoming season.  We hired a lawn service in the weeks before we moved out of our old house and it was wonderful.  They come weekly like clockwork despite rain or shine.  I didn’t have to think about what my next day off would be or when I could squeeze in an hour to devote to lawn maintenance.  And, I just hate lawn maintenance to begin with.  Our new lawn takes about 30 minutes and is a little more challenging since we put in our fencing but still not too bad.  I just hate it!

While I wait for a replacement key, I’ve contacted two lawn services in the area to get a quote on bi-weekly lawn service.  I don’t even think our lawn needs mowed weekly and I’d be all on board for a lower cost.  Even if it costs me $35 a week (which is what our last lawn service charged but we did have a larger yard) it might be worth it just to not have to think about it nor deal with it.  We shall see what the quotes say and go from there.

Ugh.  This is the one part of home ownership that I really don’t care for.  Darn those adult responsibilities!

In the meantime, I am walking on the treadmill at work as I type up this blog.  Last week I set my Apple Watch to 500 movement calories and so far I’ve met my goal everyday this week.  I’ve also completed at least 30 minutes of exercise every day this week and met my stand goal each day too.  I will have met my goals for today and after midnight I’ll jump on the treadmill…okay…walk, not jump so that I can get my goals for Sunday completed as well.  April 1st starts a new month and I’d like to compete my Apple Watch circles each day but I’m not sure if I can.  I do like rest days now and then.

Oh yeah, April Fool’s Day!  I mixed up our trooper deployment schedule last night at work for April Fools and put the correct one behind it.  It appears as though I was able to catch a few of my coworkers.  Ha!  I wanted to bring in a donut box with a veggie tray but I didn’t get on it fast enough to make that funny idea work.  I’ve seen it on Facebook.

Okay…I’m headed out now. Tootles.

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