Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!


We celebrated our Easter on Saturday since that was the best day the whole family could get together.  I absolutely love our new house and that I can entertain easier than our previous house.  My Aunt Teresa surprised Kenyon and I with a house warming gift of a drawing she did of our new house.  We love it!

I didn’t snap a ton of phots as it does get a bit chaotic once everybody arrives.  My nieces are also going through this weird phase where they don’t like posing for photos.  I think perhaps they don’t really understand what it means to have been born in this family.  When my Grandma A was alive and we were kids, there was never a time that woman didn’t have a camera attached to her hands.  And, that was waaaaaay back when you had to wait to develop the film so you didn’t know that everybody had their eyes closed.  My sister Katie must have taken ten photos to get a good one of her and her boyfriend Kevin.  See, you would think the girls would love photos as much as their mother.

Seriously though, we had a good time an I love spending time with my family.  We had fourteen in attendance and were just missing my Uncle Burke and my sister’s husband Will.  We had a good sized crowd.


I am enjoying extra time off this weekend with very little overtime.  I needed to relax, de-stress, and catch up on sleep so bad.  I’ve recently become addicted to the Lifetime show UnReal, which is on Hulu right now.  It is the bachelor-like show which has you really involved in the characters behind the camera.  So far, it is good and there is two seasons to watch.  I think I’ll be spending a lot of couch time the remainder of today and all of tomorrow. 

I hope your Easter was enjoyable and that you were able to spend it with your loved ones.

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