Sharing Blog Posts From My Weight Loss Journey: 75 Pounds Lighter

I met a new WW member at my meeting (if you are reading this Kate B. hello to you!).  I shared with her my blog if she was super bored and felt the need to read up on my super uneventful life.  Kate reached out to me because she is a new member having just completed her fourth week and wanted to pick my brain on tools for staying motivated.  If you have met me in person, you know I love to talk so I am happy she chatted with me.  We have exchanged info and I look forward to chatting with her more.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my prior blog that I had during some of my weight loss journey on a site called Freewebs that a lot of the WW members on the message boards were using.  I found my old blog link but it appears the link isn’t good as the site has done some changing (it was getting hard to blog on that site anyway so I moved over to blogspot).  I am still able to get into my old blog posts though the admin side so I am going to start posting some of them here so I have those memories on record.

Friday, December 14, 2007  

75lbs lighter....
Current mood: excited
2007 has been quite a year. I am not sure 2008 can top it!
I am not one that likes to toot my own horn (at least not as much as my sister Katie) but I feel this time calls for it. Some of you know I have been going to Weight Watchers since the end of January of 2007. Almost one year! It has been the best thing I could have done for my life and my health. I am a huge Weight Watcher promoter and really believe in this program. My Mother joined a month after me and is down 65lbs. Jenny started a few months ago and is down 16lbs. Katie has lost 40lbs (I think) by just changing what she eats and all on her own. These Ihli women are not only stronger and also better looking than ever!
Now back to the tooting my own horn. I was very close to hitting my 75lb mark two weeks ago. I missed it by .2lbs. I weighed last week (after giving up desserts and sugar…HARD) and lost 2.8lbs. My total weight loss is 77.6lbs. I am so excited. I started Weight Watchers at 304lbs. As you can see I still have lots more to lose. But with the support of Kenyon, my family, friends, and coworkers I know I can do it. With the year mark coming up rather quickly I want to thank everybody for all their support and their kind words. I am so grateful to have people who care so much about me.
Okay…I'm done bragging…at least for now!

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